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Landscape Expert service

If you need expert landscaping in Oregon City or surrounding areas and want it done to your expectations the first time, TerraScapes Restoration  is who you should call. Whether you need backyard landscaping, your front lawn done, or palms trimmed, we have you covered. We install desert landscaping and xeriscapes, irrigation systems, sod, artificial turf, hardscape landscaping, paver patios and pathways and more. We’ll help you maintain your lawn, palm trees, gardens and do it all affordably and on time.

Hardscape Expert service

Hardscaping is the use of hard surfaces, such as cement, blocks and pavers, in landscaping. In the desert climate of the Oregon City area, hardscape features are especially appealing as they require little upkeep while greatly enhancing the appearance of your property. TerraScapes Restoration can help your find a beautiful balance between hardscape features and low-maintenance vegetation to achieve spaces you’ll enjoy without overbearing time and money commitments.

Enhancement Expert service

Our landscape enhancement team specializes in adding to or enhancing your existing landscape. Whether making a new lunch area or gathering spot to create color changes in the landscape or a specific renovation we can help create function, aesthetics, and safety for your space. This can be as simple as creating a new flower display or as detailed as a new design for an entire area. Green Impact creates unique opportunities within each green space we service to bring out the most value or return on investment. With the constant threat of water shortages, building sustainable solutions will help us continue to grow beautiful landscapes.